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    30th April 2014
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Please read ALL of the relevant information below. This world is in an early release state. It will detail how to install and use it properly.

Current Version: v0.4
Additional Info

Aluna Island is a brand new and exciting world for your Sims 3 game! Please read all of this information carefully as it will most likely answer any questions you may have.

Change Log

Version 0.4

  1. No need to uninstall a previous version to install this one.
  2. Added NINE new lots. Now 70 in total!
    • 4 new beach lots.
    • 2 lots can be used to make dive lots.
    • 2 new cliff lots.
    • 1 new semi-flat lot.
  3. Along with the new lots are some new landscapes to accommodate them.

Version 0.3

  1. Fixed Sims not being able to leave the Graveyard once entering.
  2. Fixed Sims sometimes getting stuck on Lots #30 - #40 (or atleast it worked for me, let me know)
  3. Added more detail to the science centre lot
  4. Added in the base game versions of the lots I have built so far
  5. Every lot now has a proper address, they appear in dark blue on the lot's title. This means whenever you name / replace a lot the original lot address will remain.
  6. Every empty residential lot now has a blue bin / postbox
  7. Added a brand new lot, where the Light House used to be is now a 64x64 lot.
  8. Removed the pre-placed trees on lot #49 as people were confused as to why you couldn't place a lot on it by default.

Version 0.2

  1. Lot tearing has been reduced around the world. Much less apparent when zoomed out.
  2. Routing in certain places around the world has been altered to allow / disallow Sims to certain places.
  3. Removed the canal fence through the central park. When the lot was bulldozed and replaced it caused it to be removed, so I just removed it entirely.
  4. Small adjustments to some pre-built lots.
  5. Replaced all the roads with a more appropriate texture.
  6. Flowered plants added all around the world to give it a more full and lush feel.
  7. One more lot added, opposite the school to total the world up to 60 lots.
How to Install
If you have any trouble with the steps below, please view my installation video.
  1. Download 'Aluna Island.Sims3Pack' from above
  2. Double click on 'Aluna Island.Sims3Pack' and it will automatically install the world into your game.
  3. Load up your game and create a new save with the newly installed world!
Share Your Lots!

Due to the fact that the world currently lacks any houses, I've decided to allow you guys to share your creations here on my site. I thought it'd be really fun to see what you can all come up with.

How to share

Sharing your lot is really easy, follow these steps, or watching this video;

  1. Export your house from your game.
  2. In your Sims 3 launcher upload your house to the exchange
    • Using the exchange is currently the only way to share lots via my site.
  3. Once the house is uploaded on the exchange visit the sharing page here on the site for the next steps.
Things to Keep in Mind

This is not a fully completed world. This is an early release version of it.

So, what does this version come with then?

What does the world lack?

Be sure to keep these in mind if you want to download the world and don't be shocked to find there are no houses for you to move into.

What I'd like from you (Testing)

The main reason I've decided to release the world this early on during it's creation is that you are able to help me test it for any issue it may have, for example, it's missing a certain type of spawner, or Sims get stuck while trying to walk to X position, etc. These kinds of issues require a bit of play testing to see how things run.

Old Versions
Aluna Island v0.116.8mb610326th February 2014
Aluna Island v0.217.19mb57815th March 2014
Aluna Island v0.319.56mb156996th April 2014

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